Youth Secretariat Of PAME We Salute The Protest In The Greek Navy Against The Participation In The NATO War Games

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

The Youth Secretariat of PAME salutes the fait protest of Stavros Papadakis (sailor in the Greek Navy) against the participation in the NATO war games “Sea Guardian”, outside the Greek borders,of the Greek Frigate “NAVARINO”, in which he serves. The protest of the sailor expresses the long-standing demand of the Greek people and trade unions not to make our country a base of wars.

Soldiers Are Children Of The People

They Have No Business To Go Outside Our Borders

The SYRIZA-ANEL government as a monopoly dealer promotes our country’s deepest engagement in NATO’s war-plans. Their brutal policy, that daily sacrifices wages and workers’ rights for monopolies’ profits, is the other face of the same coin as our country’s participation in NATO and its plans in the region. Competitions and the “geo-strategic upgrading” of Greek business groups in new markets abroad send the armed forces to missions and exercises across borders. Only insecurity and serious risks can be reserved for the working class and the youth of our country.

The hunt for more profits for the monopolies and NATO’s wars has left only to neighboring countries, poverty, wars and thousands of refugees and migrants uprooted, has turned the Aegean into a sea-graveyard.

We Strengthen The Struggle Against Imperialist War

We call Workers Federations, Trade Unions and Student Unions to express their solidarity with the sailor Stavros Papadakis. We strengthen the struggle within the workplaces to:

  • All the military and armed forces of our country to return from missions abroad. No soldier abroad!
  • To stop our country to be a base for imperialist wars.
  • Close the Suda base, all foreign NATO and US bases, and their headquarters in Greece.
  • To disengage our country from their murderous organizations of NATO – EU

PAME Youth.Secretariat



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