Youth Secretariat of PAME On the occasion of the International Day against Drugs

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

Solution Is Not Running Away

Solution Is Not the Illusions, Resignation, and Submission

We Hold Our Heads High

We Fight Against All Drugs and the Causes of Drug-Culture


Drugs are one more of capitalism’s weapons of manipulation, used to cancel the youth’s response and organized struggle against the anti-workers’, anti-people’s policies of the governments and the European Union. They are a insidious way to throw out of the fight the new generation of the working class.

At the same time that the young workers live the exploitation and the wretchedness through wages=pocket money, the limited time contracts, the false programs for the unemployed, the unpaid work, “black” uninsured work, and again unemployment, limits in education, sports and culture, at the same time the free drug use is promoted as FREEDOM and WAY OUT.

The children of the working class who are at school, the young workers must not be sacrificed for the Drug-culture; they must not become supporters of the festivals against drugs-prohibition organized by the governmental Youth of SYRIZA, alongside with NGOs and other organizations.

In contrast they must move forward, strengthen the trade unions and contribute for the strengthening of the class orientation, to accomplish steps forward in the reconstruction of the trade union movement, to be the van guard of the new struggles of the working class, in the counterattack against its exploiters, so as to break their brutal measures, until we become the owners of the wealth we produce.

PAME stands against all drugs, against addiction of any kind of drug

The distinction between “soft” and “hard” drugs is false. The data show that 1 out of 5, in drug-free treatment programs, was admitted due to addiction to cannabis. The percentage in Europe is raising and goes “red” in the Netherlands, where the 54% who address rehab centers are cannabis users.

The policies of continuing the addiction through substitutes is not a solution. That is because in many European countries the majority of the admitted in rehab programs come from addiction from such substitutes. The deaths connected with the use of heroin are lowering and are raised the deaths connected with such substitutes (buprenorphine, methadone and fentanyl)

We demand:

  • Prevention – Treatment – social reintegration public and free for all

  • Recruitment of permanent staff in all treatment programs

  • The creation of “drug free” treatment programs and Prevention Centers across the country

  • Prevention programs in schools, colleges, the military, and the places where the young work and entertain. Primary prevention that targets the causes rather than the effects of drug addiction

  • Measures to protect the unemployed and vulnerable social groups

Wecall all the trade unions, the workers’ committees in the work places, the students unions, the peoples’ committees to strengthen their intervention at the places where the youth works and lives. To multiply the initiatives for the positions and the demands of PAME to reach them. To strengthen the front against all drugs. To reach the young workers the unwavering stand and struggle against any drug, any addiction.

Youth Secretariat

Athens, June 2015


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