With Militant Spirit Started WFTU’s 3rd World Congress Of Young Workers

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

Thursday, November 2nd, opened as the first day of the 3rd World Congress Of Young Workers of WFTU, in Rome. The congress brings together 120 young trade unionists representing trade unions from 41 countries from all continents, who are transferring the experience from the situation faced by young workers and the need to strengthen class oriented trade unions, the WFTU all over the world.

The Congress opened with a greeting from Pierapollo Leonardi, member of the WFTU Presidential Council and Secretary of USB Italy trade union, which hosts the Congress.The presentation of the Congress Document, was made by the trade unionist Emil Olsen from Denmark, and was followed by Interventions by trade unionists from various countries in a spirit of enthusiasm and militancy. PAME, as a member of the outgoing Secretariat, has been elected to the Congress Presidium.

Photos from the Congress:

Video from the Congress:




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