The Youth Secretariat of PAME expresses its support to the DIA NACIONAL DA JUVENTUDE organised by CGTP-In of Portugal

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

The Youth Secretariat of PAME (All Workers Militant Front) that represents the class trade union movement of Greece expresses its support to the DIA NACIONAL DA JUVENTUDE organised by CGTP-In of Portugal on March 28 against the anti-workers policies that victimize the working class and its youth for the profits of the monopolies and the multinationals.

Comrades, we were informed about the Youth Demonstration you prepare for March 28, demanding jobs, with better wages and rights for the young workers of Portugal. It is an important initiative, as the youth, the young workers are of the most victimized by the capitalist crisis in Portugal, as well as in Greece and the rest of Europe.

In Greece young workers face unemployment that is officially almost 60% for the youth, wages that are by law, less than the minimum wage while the majority works under flexible working relations or even through apprenticeship programs that we work almost for free, under the excuse of the so called “gaining work experience”.

At the same time, in spite of the recent Governmental change the new coalition government of the socialdemocratic SYRIZA with the far-right ANEL and their new Agreement with the European Union, the IMF and the ECB continues the memorandums, aiming low wages, complete privatization of Healthcare and Education, as well as the abolition of the last Social Security rights of the workers, especially of the young.

The youth today, has nothing to expect from the so called “saviors”. The only path for the solution of our problems is the organisation of the young workers in the trade unions, against the argument of “class collaboration” of the employers’ trade unionism, for the organisation of class struggle, alongside with the rest of the working class against the Capital and the EU, to fight for a society where the workers will own the wealth they produce. In this direction the class trade union movement of Greece, PAME is putting all his forces for the reconstruction of the trade union movement of Greece, for the meeting and coordination of the class forces in Europe.

In this path, the Youth Secretariat of PAME stands by your side and wishes you success to your demonstration of March 28.



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