Struggle against the Action Plan for the exploitation of youth

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

Struggle against the Action Plan for the exploitation of youth

Destroy of wages and unemployment lists

Unemployment is the number one problem, especially for the young people where the percentage of unemployment is almost 60%. Crisis is not something that is been created. Crisis is the DNA of this rotten, exploitative system and in crisis conditions, it exacerbates.

The National Action Plan on “Employment”, announced by the government, is a bomb in working relations, wages and collective agreements. It is the basis for a state wishing to consolidate, after the Act of the Council of Ministers that separates young people in more than 25 years with 586euro salary per month and less than 25 years with 511 euro. We go back decades, when the slogan of the unions for young workers was “equal pay for equal work.”

The future that they prepare with these programs, does not confronts unemployment. They want the young workers and the youth to get used to temporary work, to get used to little money, to get used to the flexible working relations, to charity. They want the young people to learn how to solve problems by themselves, how to work without being a part of the unions. They want to persistently beat the lower salary regardless the already degrading reduction that exists today, to suppress the young people even more. They want to destroy the collective agreements. They do not want to pay any insurance fees, they want the young people to get used to the uninsured job.

The government with this new plan which will supposedly enhance the employment of youth, uses unemployment to fund the business groups to Energy, Telecommunications, Tourism, Shipping and Health and social care. Bosses are being benefited that are full of rich funds and workers for free, while on the same time they get used to contribution evasion and tax exemption.

They offer training for free jobs

And then, they throw you again to unemployment

The “jobs” and training has nothing to do with the need for a stable job with rights. They condemn us to permanent wandering from unemployment to low paid job with an expiration date, working conditions as in a jungle. When they say “to get rid of past entanglements” they mean to unravel with each collectively vested right, with collective agreements. They take advantage of your insecurity to ensure a wage, so as to drop even further down the requirements of the right to work, to education, to life.

The same time that we see around us hundreds of self-employed and small shops closing under the pressure and the domination of monopolies, they speak for “young entrepreneurship” and they call the unemployed ones to become businessmen. It’s mockery.

This attack in volves the whole working class, all young people either unemployed, working, or is still in the learning process.

The Youth secretariat of PAME calls all young people, all young workers who will get in these programs, to enter with the head up. From the very first moment, they should organize their struggle for stable work and working rights. They should become members of their unions, to become the unions’ strength. They should struggle through the unions’ lines for stable job and rights.

After conversation to every single working place, in every technical school, Technological Institute or University, in every single school and neighborhood, young people should decide to condemn this anti-labor bomb which they want to throw back to us.

We should take initiatives in order to inform the workers in all the factors and all workplaces, especially in workplaces in which young people and students, work with these new programs of employment and training programs.

We struggle for:

Stable job with full working and insurance rights.

Repealof the Act ofthe Council of Ministers that separates young workers over and under 25year

Unemployment benefits for all unemployed, unconditionally

Direct measures of protection for the unemployed and their families: for heating oil, for free public transportation,insurance booklets


Free healthcare for all young people

Unified system of professional education, with the responsibility of the Ministry ofEducation,which will allow thestudentto specialize based on modern developments in science and technology


All the workers and student to work 6hours with wages of the 8hour shifts. The exam period should be on holiday from work with full salary.


Practice with full employment and insurance rights.

Youth Secretariat


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