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The struggle against all drugs is another struggle in the continuous war between the working and the bourgeois class, on who shall win the hearts and the minds of the youth.


In this struggle the workers class-defined union movement has come to play a leading part.


The PAME Youth Secretariat undertook a great initiative, in the context of this year’s football tournament, against all drugs in order to expose another side of the class struggle. The event completed was titled: NO TO ALL DRUGS, AGAINST DRUG-CULTURE


Representatives from rehabilitation communities participated in the event, the National Council Against Drugs (ESYN), trade unions, teams who take part in the tournament, university and college students, parents.


In the event, the causes of the problem that were exposed was that basic needs have been transformed into unrealistic dreams. For the class-defined forces drug addiction is not a brain disease, necessary evil or an epidemic of the youth. The roots of the problem lean on the barbarism that working people and the youth experience, poverty, insecurity, non-payment, 300-400 euro salaries, the vertical rise of unemployment, the unsurpassable obstacles in education & health, the disappearance of any access to sports, to the main cultural, reactionary role-models and values.


Under these circumstances it is indispensable to form an obedient worker, away from struggles and demands, disciplined to their ideology. Since the bigger bosses – as already confessed – are wary of uprisings, the measures taken apart from raw suppression have got to be more treacherous, to strike consciousness directly without unnecessary media. Through the spread of drugs, the upper class tries to neutralise the youth’s fighting spirit, to render it useless.


The crystal-clear stance of PAME against all drugs was presented, against the treacherous pseudo-progressive partition between soft and hard drugs, against the notion of substituting and of preserving the dependence that is promoted by the forces of social-democracy and opportunism. The need of reinforcing precaution, cure and social rehabilitation was stressed.


PAME gives the fight on social causes. We give the fight of ideas prevalence every day in every sector, every place of labour and at the factories. On the part of the people’s interests we are interested in progressively more labourers and working class youth registering in the trade unions, to enforce the class strategy in the union movement. The rallying of the labour movement passes through the conscious struggle of the workers, the working class youth, the youngsters that sit at the desks of work-training and in placements. They need to be convinced of their rights, to develop a pioneer fighting life stance, to be uncompromised with drug-culture, which needs them obedient and head-bowed down.


A final solution to the Drugs phenomenon will be given when the labourers and their allies seize political power; when the causes that create this phenomenon vanish, which is the abolition of the system of exploitation.


The struggle against drug-culture, will have to be a struggle for the youth against any kind of compromise, against any kind of dependence. It must be a struggle for the life we deserve!




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