On The Occasion Of the International Day Against Drug Abuse

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

On the occasion of the International day against drug abuse, June 26, the Youth Secretariat of PAME calls the young workers, the unemployed, the students and the immigrants, to think carefully about the cause of the problem of drugs.

Consider, who benefits from the young people addicted to drugs?

It is those who benefit from us working for 400€, those who prefer us, at the end of our shifts, to search for a “solution” in drugs. It is the capital and its political representatives, who promote the dangerous policies of the EU for the drug-problem.

They try to legalize the drug use, to separate drugs to “soft” and “hard” and they advertise as a treatment the use of methadone as a “drug-substitute”. It is them who cause the degradation of prevention and rehabilitation and they underfund the rehab-detoxification programs.


No compromise with the “Drug-culture” and with programs that instead of leading to rehabilitation and to the struggle for rights and decent life, they preserve the dependence of tens of thousands of young people by keeping them on the sidelines of life and lead them to death.


We stand against those, who want the young people passive and “stoned”.


We call all the young people to fight, organized, collectively, through the Trade Unions, the students’ associations, the People’s committees, for steady jobs with full rights, for free education and health, access to sports and culture.


We call the trade unions, the workers’ federations and regional Trade unions that rally with PAME to multiply the initiatives against the “Drug-culture”, to discuss widely with young workers, the action plan of struggle against all kinds of substitutes.


The Youth Secretariat of PAME


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