On the new Program of overexploitation of young people

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις


The government with an announcement on the 9/5/2013 provides the tourist capital with new “gifts”. They create a new working jungle for the young workers in Tourism with this new program, which enters the young unemployed to the labor market. The tourist capital on the top of the high season ensures huge funds and free workers.

At the same time hundreds of young people studying tourism do their internships to the big owners of the tourism industry with only 307€ (for those who are under 25years old) all day long. The uninsured work to tourism and catering is almost 60%.

The capitalists, the government, the EU make the situation for the youth harder and harder. With the dilemma of either unemployment or low salaries, they want the young people to accept as a fact that they will never work under a collective agreement, with insurance (health insurance and pension insurance)

Using the pretext of unemploymentthey destroy every single labor andsocial right. They are not interested indealing with unemployment and they cannot do so. They use unemployment as blackmail, in order to make employeeswork more hours for less money and prepare them for the sameand greaterexploitation in the future. To be prepared toquit from anyclaim, and from their righttostable employment and insurance.

No one should be caught on the trap of overexploitation that they have set for us. The development they promise is only to enhance the profitability of the monopolies and to create a working environment of modern sweatshops for the working class and its children.

The only answer for the young people, the unemployed ones, the students to the universities and the technological schools is to turn the workplaces, the schools, the neighborhoods into castles of organization and struggle, castles of conviction of the contemporary slavery.

We have to reject living a life with reduced rights. Organization and struggle for stable jobs, with full insurance rights, for protection measures for the unemployed ones and their families.


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