Big Event of Solidarity With Palestine in the Workers’ Football Championship of the PAME Youth Secretariat.

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

With an event of solidarity with the people of Palestine, at the “T. Charalambidis’ stadium of the Municipality of Chaidari, PAME expressed its solid support for the struggle of the Palestinian people, and also opened the 12th Workers’ Football Championship of the PAME Youth Secretariat.

The event was attended by the Ambassador of Palestine, Marwan Tubasi, the Secretary General of the World Federation of Trade Unions, George Mavrikos and Mayor of Chaidari, Michalis Selekos. At the same time, a recorded message to the workers of Greece was heard by Basim Tamimi, father of 17-year-old Palestinian Ahmed Tammi, who is imprisoned in Israeli jails.

The Workers’ Football Championship of PAME started with a friendly match between the Palestinian Students’ of Athens Union of and a Selection Team of Young Workers. After the end of the friendly match, the 88 teams that will participate in the championship were presented, as well as the draw of the championship. This year more than 800 workers from Athens are to participate in the championship.

Due to the developments and the imperialist attack against Syria, the groups entered the stadium holding a banner against the imperialist intervention.





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