Workers’ Trades Unions of Kazakhstan: Solidarity with the general strike of Greek workers on March 16.

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

Dear comrades from the PAME association!

The Kazakhstan Workers’ Trade Union “Zhanartu”, as well as local and branch trade unions support the struggle of Greek workers who decided to go on a general strike on March 16.

The struggle for the investigation of the crime in Tempi is an important stage in the struggle for the implementation of safety measures and the revision of the results of the privatization of the railway. The scale of the struggle, in which almost all the trade union centers of Greece take part, is amazing and gives an example of organization, resilience and class solidarity!

The previous and current governments should be held accountable for the privatization and implementation of the measures that led to the tragedy.


Central Committee of the Kazakhstan Labor Union “Zhanartu”

The Central Council of the Union “Trade Union of Shakhtar”

The Central Committee of the association “Local Trade Union” Zheleznodorozhnik “

The Central Council of the Association “Professional Union of Transport Workers”

Central Council of the East Kazakhstan Regional Trade Union “Protection of Labor”

Council of inter-regional association of trade unions “Odak”


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