USB supports the new Strike Action on February 19 in Call Center Workers of Greece

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

USB supports the new Strike Action on February 19 in Call Center Workers of Greece

24-hour strike with rallies outside of HQs of the companies for Permanent contracts for all employees where there are none. Stop outsourcing.
5 days-7 hours a day-35 hours a week.
20% Increase in the monthly wage for all workers immediately.
Automatic adjustment of wages based on the growth rate in consumer staples.
Unhealthy hearing aid allowance 15%.
Foreign language allowance 10% for each language with recognition of the diplomas of all languages held by the employee, including the mother tongue, if different from Greek.
Work visa for all non-EU colleagues. Immediate abolition of the modern slavery regime.
One-hour break based on the prescribed regulation for working with monitors. Excluding breaks for personal needs (toilet).
Timely notification before any movement from one project to another.
Full payment of work-from-home expenses (internet, electricity, heating or cooling and office equipment, including but not limited to computer, desk, anatomical chair, footstool, headphones). Disconnection from all systems at the end of working hours.
Protection of young mothers and persons with health problems.
Abolition of the “clean desk policy” (where it applies) which violates fundamental human rights, causing health and hygiene problems (e.g. prohibiting workers from carrying medicines or personal hygiene items with them at work).

the basis for decent work, the base for a decent life.

the struggles of the workers can change this capitalist world, no intimidation, no repression will stop us.

USB is with your in the struggle


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