The pharmaceutical company UNIFARMA is trying to criminalize the trade union activity


We denounce the pharmaceutical company UNIFARMA, which attempts to criminalize the trade union activity.

 The company initially sent an extrajudicial and then moved on to the Interlocutory Proceedings against our Trade Union, accusing it of “libel” and demanding from the trade union to “apologize publicly and in writing”.

 What is the “offense” according to the company?

 The offence was the fact that the trade union supported one of the workers who was suddenly and unreasonably dismissed by UNIFARMA on August 31. The fact that the trade union reacted to the dismissal of the worker and expressed its opposition through an announcement that was distributed to the company’s workers and the mass media. The fact that the Trade Union acted as a Trade Union. That it did its duty to support the right to work, to highlight the real causes of dismissals, to inform the workers, to call them to join the trade union and organize. For a class-oriented trade union, this is the least that it could do in such a case and not of course to think whether the employer will be displeased.

Did UNIFARMA expect that we would “welcome” or “excuse” the dismissal of a worker?

What is the real aim of the UNIFARMA by this attempt?

 To criminalize the trade union activity and to “punish” both the trade union and the few mass media (e.g. that inform about the activities of Trade Unions and workers’ struggles? Or does the company try to terrorize workers and push them to the path of subjugation and compliance?

The class Trade Unions are not frightened and they will not give up their duty to all workers, which is the defense of their rights, the organization and support of their struggles against every antiworkers’ attack.


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