The European Regional Office (EUROF) of the WFTU alongside to the workers’ Union in RIVULIS-EURODRIP Industry in Greece

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

The European Regional Office (EUROF) of the WFTU, which represents thousands of workers from European trade unions affiliated to the WFTU, alongside  to the workers’ Union in RIVULIS-EURODRIP Industry in Greece
Demands the immediate release of the arrested trade unionist and the reinstatement of the dismissed one.
Giorgos Nikolaou, President of the Workers’ Union in Rivulis Irrigation Ltd, was fired last 26 January. the company wants to block the struggles for Collective Contract with better wages and conditions for the workers and also to intimidate and frighten the workers in the factory.

30 January massive strike and protests were organized by the  workers’ Union with the solidarity and support from workers and unions of many sectors.
During the strike the management of Rivulis escalated the intimidations and filed a lawsuit against the unions with the police arresting a unionist from the Regional Union and a worker of the company.

All around Europe the attack to militant trade unionists and the struggles of workers become harder: repression, layoffs, attack of police, arrests. Class oriented trade unions inside WFTU are in all there struggles.


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