Statement of PAME for the Trial of Golden Dawn


An enormous river of people, a popular outcry sent the nazi-criminal organization back to the garbage of history.

The working people, the trade unions, the youth, all these years had already reached their verdict. GOLDEN DAWN is a Criminal Organization, they are murderers, they are Nazi.

The Court’s verdict confirmed people’s verdict. It justified the family of Pavlos Fyssas, of Shehzad Luqman, the Egyptian migrants and the metal workers’ unionists of PAME. Golden Dawn is a criminal organization because of its hatred against the militant workers, the migrants, the tortured.

All over Greece the last days we organized thousands of events, campaigns, visits to workplaces. Raised banners and posters, painted graffiti to streets, walls, bridges, with only just one slogan “PUT THE NAZI IN JAIL”

No complacency! No tolerance to the Nazi Poison!

We continue with more determination!

We strengthen the struggle!

We aim the system of exploitation that gives birth and feeds fascism. The system that exploits workers, youth, migrants. The system that grows the snake’s egg.

The workers and their unions we will be against any future attempt to raise again the head, the poisonous ideas and the actions of the fascists.

We isolate fascism in every workplace, in every neighborhood.

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