Solidarity with the Strike in the Schools of Italy September 24-25


PAME, member of WFTU, expresses its solidarity with USB of Italy, teachers, students and school workers in Italy who are going on a two-day strike on September 24-25 demanding health protection measures.

School staff in Italy, teachers and students demand immediate measures to ensure the safe return of students-teachers to schools. They complain about the lack of teaching and support staff in schools, as well as the lack of classrooms. Respectively in Greece, there are daily mobilizations of teachers-students demanding for increase of the number of classrooms, hiring teachers, 15 students per class.

Even today, after thousands of deaths from the pandemic, it is being proven that in both Italy and Greece, EU and Governments can always fund big business, industrialists and bankers, but never have money for the needs of the people in Health-Education.

PAME supports the just demands of the workers of Italy, which are also demands of the teachers, the unions, the parents and the students of Greece. We express our solidarity with the Strike in the Italian Schools on September 24-25.

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