Solidarity with the General Strike of the Workers of India


PAME expresses its solidarity with the General All India Strike of the workers of India on March 28-29.

The workers of India, having in the front line the trade union members of WFTU, escalate their action that preceded with mobilizations, rallies and sectoral and local strikes by going on a General Strike for 2 days on March 28-29. Workers in India are protesting against the anti-popular budget of the Monti Government, demanding measures to protect the unemployed, the people’s income, universal social security, etc.

The struggle of the workers is common all over the world so that the people do not pay for the crisis, the competitions and the wars of monopolies. In Greece, too, workers and unions are preparing for a General Strike on April 6.

PAME stands on the side of the workers of India and expresses the solidarity of the class unions of Greece in the 2-day General Strike of the workers of India

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