Solidarity with All India Strike November 26


PAME that represents the class-oriented workers movement, member of WFTU, express our solidarity to the trade unions and workers of India for their strike on 26 of November.

At the same time that in the whole world the working class is hit by the pandemic due to deficiencies in public health, at the same time the governments in Greece and India find an opportunity to further promote privatization in a number of key sectors such as energy, telecommunications, transport

The fair struggle of the workers of India in order to have no one without decent income, no family without food is required and the only possible way out. The Trade Unions that are members of WFTU are in the first line of this struggle, that in the previous General Strike the participation exceeded 200 million strikers.

On the 26th of November also in Greece, Federations and Trade Unions call to general Strike for the protection of the health of the workers and to cover their contemporary needs.  

Today there is a need to intensify worldwide the fight against the policy that serves the big business groups. To take immediate measures for the health and life of the people and not to pay again the new economic crisis of capitalism.

PAME expresses its solidarity to the Strike on 26 November in India.

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