Solidarity Message to the people and the workers of India


PAME, a member of the WFTU, expresses the solidarity of the class movement of Greece to the workers and the people of India.

Dear colleagues, with great sadness we are watching the outbreak of the pandemic in your country and the loss of thousands of lives in the last few days.

In a country-giant of the global economy and technology such as India, home to the world’s largest coronavirus vaccine factory, millions are infected by the pandemic and die by the thousands, not just by scarcity of beds in hospitals, not only due to lack of ICU, but also due to lack of oxygen!

 The situation, which has been deteriorating in recent days, has even activated the USA and EU geopolitical reflexes, which are mobilizing … oxygen diplomacy to strengthen their relations with India, not out of interest for the suffering people, but as a bulwark in the domination of other imperialist centers in the wider region.

Unfortunately, whether we are talking about mass graves in New York, or the screening of patients in ICUs in Europe, or the suffocation of hospitals in Asian giants such as India, it turns out that capitalism is literally depriving people of oxygen in order to feed the profits of the few, the monopoly groups.

PAME expresses its support to the workers and people of India in these difficult times.

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