Solidarity in the struggle of the metalworkers of Cadiz


PAME, a member of the WFTU, expresses its solidarity with the struggle of the metalworkers of Cadiz and other areas of the Spanish state for the signing of a new collective agreement with increases in salaries.

The metalworkers, who have created huge profits for the multinationals in recent years are faced with the inflation, rising cost of living and anti-workers’ measures imposed in all countries on the pretext of the pandemic. Measures that had the support also of forces within the trade union movement that cultivate the logic of class cooperation, inaction and waiting, such as the leaderships of the CCOO – UGT.

The working class in Europe, in the face of the new capitalist crisis, is already under enormous attack from business groups-EU-Governments in every country, which demand that we make new sacrifices in the name of competitiveness and capitalist development. And while the rich will be doing tourism in space we will not be able to support our families.

Contrary to these logics, workers in a number of countries take matters into their own hands, with organization, solidarity and militant actions claiming their modern rights to wages, Collective Agreements, health, etc.

Recent is the example of metalworkers in shipbuilding in Piraeus in Greece who in similar circumstances, united in their class union of Metalworkers of Attica, succeeded and signed a Collective Agreement with significant increases and other achievements. But also the big strike of the COSCO dockworkers in Greece who forced the Chinese multinational to give in to their demands.

Against the aggression of the employers and the forces that serve them, the workers we have the power of mass, organized and collective action. We are those who produce the wealth, we temper the steel and we build the future.

PAME expresses its solidarity with the fair fight of the metalworkers of Cadiz and demands the satisfaction of their claims for Collective Contracts with increases in wages.


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