Solidarity in the struggle of Hungarian Teachers

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

We stand in solidarity with the Hungarian teachers who are fighting for better wages, humane working hours, better working conditions and defend the right to strike.

We support teachers’ unions, students’ associations and people’s organisations fighting against the ban on the right to strike, against the dismissal of teachers, the expulsion of students, unacceptable wages, the shortage of teaching staff in all sectors, the total deterioration of education and social services at all levels.

We join the thousands of demonstrators denouncing the lack of resources and the burden on families at all levels of education and in special schools.
This is the anti-people’s policy that has been methodically promoted over the years by the Orbán government based on EU guidelines. This is the same  anti-people’s policy that teachers in Greece have been facing for years.

 We denounce in the most categorical way the intimidations against Greek teachers, who teach in Hungary and are participating in the mobilizations.
We support the struggles of the Hungarian people for free public education, we support the struggles of teachers for better wages and working conditions

Victory in the struggle of Hungarian teachers


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