Soldiers Join the Call “No tolerance to NATO interventions and military exercises”

The PAME calls the working people, the trade unions, the mass organizations of the workers’ movement and the youth to take part in the nationwide Demonstration on Saturday 24 June against the NATO Base in Thessaloniki

In this direction many soldiers who are serving their military service issue open statements against the dangerous NATO plans and «Noble Jump» NATO exercise in which Greece participates.

Open Letters, statements of Soldiers were published from Army Camps in Evros, Kapandriti, Kastelorizo, Alexandroupolis and the Artillery Training Center of Thebes.

With their open letters the soldiers express their protest to the NATO exercise, making it clear that none of them wishes to assist the killers of the peoples

In their statement they say:

We are soldiers who have come to serve our homeland and not to serve those who have transformed the Mediterranean into a sea of dead children, those who have bloodshed the peoples. We are soldiers, not servants!

No tolerance to NATO interventions and military exercises”

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