Provocation against USB: Carabinieri in the Rome headquarters searching for weapons


Against USB a gun hidden in the toilet. Our only weapons are strikes and mobilizations.

A telephone complaint, a direct  search, a gun that jumps out of the drain of a toilet. This is the synthesis of the movie-like operation carried out by the Carabinieri this morning against the Unione Sindacale di Base.

Shortly before 11 o’clock, the military showed up at the national headquarters of the USB, in Via dell’Aeroporto 129 in Rome, claiming to be conducting an inspection in search of weapons, reported by an anonymous caller early in the morning.

The USB leaders contact the union’s legal staff and the ManifestA parliamentarians. They ask the Military present, who invoke the possibility of proceeding without a warrant under Article 4 of Law 152/1975, for a written order from the judicial authority.

The law enforcement officials are on the safe side. The anonymous reporter indicated where to find “the weapons”: the flush of a toilet, “that” flush of “that” toilet in the bathrooms reserved for the male public.

And so it turns out that there is a gun badly wrapped in cellophane and immersed in water, deposited there by caring hands.

USB denounces the clear and obvious machination against a conflictual union, a staging that suits many, too many.

The offices in Via dell’Aeroporto are open to the public every day, as are all USB offices. Certainly the last place to hide anything, let alone weapons.

Certainly the first place in which to attempt the coup d’état to discredit an entire organization and the multitudes of workers, unemployed, precarious, homeless that support it.

The only weapons that USB uses are strikes, claims, demonstrations, struggles. We leave the guns to those who love them, starting with the majority of parliament that feeds the war in Ukraine.

On this incredible story USB announces a press conference at 17:00 today, Wednesday, April 6, in Via dell’Aeroporto 129.

Unione Sindacale di Base

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