Protest Against State Budget

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις


Symbolic protest was organized yesterday afternoon in front of the Greek Parliament by delegations of Federations and Trade Unions that rally with PAME, against the voting of another anti-popular state budget.

Giota Tavoulari, member of the Executive Secretariat of PAME and president of the National Federation of Workers in Pharmaceutical Industries (OEFSEE) stated:

“No budget can be pro-people when it comes from the power of the exploiters… The state budget for next year proves, in a dramatic way in the conditions of the pandemic, its character as a tool for distributing the wealth that comes out of the sweat of the workers for the benefit of business groups. As for some crumbs provided for the people, the workers are asked to pay them “double and triple”.

 “The pandemic has clearly shown that the dead-ends of this system are being paid for with human lives and with the deterioration of the quality of life of the working class and the popular strata… the budget takes the baton from the previous anti-workers – anti-popular measures, continues the attack and at the same time channels money to the business groups and NATO armaments.

…We have no other option but to respond to this budget by highlighting and fighting today for our own needs. Our only path is to escalate our struggle against the government’s and employers’ policies…To crush the logic of the ‘lesser evil’, the beautification of this barbarism… We continue the struggle for the health and the rights of the people.”





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