Piraeus Goes On Strike October 25

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

A wave of Strike decisions has started in front of the National General Strike on November 9.

In Piraeus a series of Unions took strike decisions for October 25. Specifically maritime workers, COSCO dockers, metalworkers and shipyard workers of the Shipbuilding Zone coordinate their militant action and prepare to “freeze” the port of Piraeus on Tuesday 25 October. The strike and the mobilizations organized by sectoral unions from these sectors focus on demands and claims of particular importance for the workers, while they are an important militant station on the way to the national General strike on November 9.

Also, for the maritime workers, in addition to the unions PEMEN, PENEN, PEATHEN, “STEPHENSON” and PEEMAGEN, the PEPPN union (of workers in Tugboats) is participating in the strike with a 24-hour national strike on the same day.

In addition, more sectors and regions prepare their own militant actions, in daily escalation towards the National General Strike of November 9.


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