Piraeus Dockworkers at COSCO on Strike


The Piraeus Dockworkers of COSCO with their Union-ENEDEP- are on strike today since the early morning, demanding the signing of Collective Contract with better wages and full time, steady jobs.

Yesterday, the multinational filed restraining order against the strike. The court (using the legislation against workers’ strike that was imposed by the SYRIZA Government last year) declared the strike was illegal because “no public dialogue took place between the union and the company before the strike”. That is after 3 months of public, collective bargaining procedures, during which the company refused the demands of the workers.

At the same time, the “ghost”-trade union, founded by COSCO, in order to undermine the fight of the dockworkers, acting openly as a strike-breaking mechanism, called the workers to go to work.

Against the decision of the court and the mechanisms of the company, and in order to support the workers fight, the Regional Trade Union of Piraeus declared Strike for the dockworkers today.

Since early morning, workers’ picket lines at the port and with great solidarity from Greece and other countries, the strike has 100% success.






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