PAME Statement on Escalating Police Violence “They Will Not Intimidate Us-We Break Repression”

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

After a new incident of police violence against the people, on Sunday, March 7 in the Nea Smirni area of Athens, PAME issued the following statement

*Video of the incident here

The last days, while the working people suffer and the Greek Government takes no measures for the protection of Health, against the big employers, with dozens of dead inside the workplaces, with a National Health System crumbling because of shortages and the Government bargaining its funding to Private Health Corporations, the only measure imposed is the escalation of state oppression targeting the workers and the youth.

Masks have fallen! The extreme oppression and state violence against workers, students and locals in the neighborhoods has nothing to do with protection of Public Health!

Enough is Enough!

We Break Repression- They Will Not Intimidate Us!

We honor March 8, International Day of the Working Women, breaking the chains of exploitation, of silence!

We break the bans to demonstrations with massive participation in the demonstrations for March 8


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