PAME Solidarity with the General Strike of Workers of France on January 27


PAME, a member of the WFTU in Greece, expresses its solidarity with the strike of the workers of France on January 27.

Workers in France are going on a massive strike on January 27 demanding an immediate increase in wages, pensions and benefits, as well as support for the young and the unemployed, against the French government imposing even stricter conditions on unemployment benefits. Workers’ unions are denouncing the fact that in France, too, popular incomes have been hit, especially with the higher prices in sectors such as basic foods but also energy and fuel. While at the same time claiming support and strengthening of the public health system, measures to protect the people against the pandemic.

As in France, so in Greece and throughout the European Union, policies to support the profitability and competitiveness of large business groups lead to cuts in wages and pensions, determined on the basis of business groups’ “resilience” . The inflation and high taxation of the popular strata further reduce the popular income. While also in France the people are paying the consequences of the privatization of health with thousands dead during the pandemic.

In the face of the onslaught of governments, capital and the EU, we need to intensify our common struggle for our modern needs, for Collective Bargaining Agreements with increases in wages and pensions, for steadyjobs, for health and safety measures at work. To intensify the struggle of the workers against the imperialist armaments, against the policies that for the profits of the private multinationals turn healthcare into a commodity. Strengthen the common, coordinated struggle of Europe’s workers for a society without exploitation, where workers will enjoy the wealth they produce.

PAME expresses its solidarity with the strike of the workers of France on January 27

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