PAME on the Situation in the Refugee “Concentration Camps”

The fire that broke out on Sunday 29/9/19 in the hotspot of Moria left a woman dead, a child with serious burns and 19 wounded taken to hospital.

The government’s anti-immigration policy, in line with the policy followed by SYRIZA and previous governments, cannot and do not want to resolve nor face the deep causes that fill thousands of islands and mainland of Greece with refugees.

Competitions for the division and control of markets, sources and routes of energy have made the workers in all countries victims of this situation and have earned a lot for a handful of monopoly groups that perpetuate the imperialist barbarism and are the cause of immigration and refugees.

Ministerial consultation decisions to re-discuss with Turkey or other countries in the framework of the EU-Turkey-Greece EU refugee agreement and KYSEA’s (the Government Council for Foreign Affairs and Defence) decisions to intensify repression have proven to recycle the problem. These decisions do not refrain neither poverty nor wars which are the key reasons that are forcing millions of working-class people to try to cross our country’s borders.

The ND government is trying to solve immigration by consistently serving the imperialist interests and plans of US NATO in the Asian and Mediterranean region and increasingly involving immigration in Euro-Atlantic markets and contrasts.

The measures announced by the government reinforce repression at sea and land borders but also within the country is sure to increase the number of dead and prisoners trying to cross our borders in any way.

Under the asylum bill to be voted on, the government by implementing EU directives seeks to abolish any right left by the SYRIZA government.

PAME calls on trade unions to step up their claims for the rights and release of refugees and immigrants.

  • To close the “Morias” detention centers – hotspots, which have become storage rooms for souls in the islands and in Evros region. Not to create new ones.
  • The government to take back the reactionary measures.
  • Not to the EU-Turkey agreement that traps people in the islands
  • Decent living conditions for refugees and their children as long as they remain in our country.
  • Transfer refugees and immigrants to mainland Greece to decent hosting centers where their requests will be processed and returned to their countries of destination against Dublin and all EU Directives and Agreements.
  • Immediate all family reunions.
  • No minor should live in inappropriate conditions, homeless or imprisoned.
  • No to the abolition of second-degree asylum.
  • Compensate 100% of those residents affected in the islands.
  • Respect for the rights of refugees under the Geneva Convention.
  • Respect for the rights of asylum seekers and immigrants.

Strengthen the common struggle of Greeks, refugees and migrant workers for a world without poverty, exploitation, wars and refugees.

PAME Secretariat for Refugees and Migrants