For the shameful images of 92 refugees left naked in Evros

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

Imperialists disgrace human life and step on human dignity

The images of 92 refugees naked in Evros, in the Greek-Turkish borders show the nakedness of the rotten system of exploitation. Human souls are being dragged through the barbarian arenas like prey. They show that all these ‘civilised’ people, in the face of the benefits that the misery of the oppressed can bring, do not hesitate to commit the greatest crime. After all, there those who suffer, and those who profit.

We call upon the trade unions, all Greek people to stand up against this disgrace, to defend human life and dignity, to understand that as a people we are on the same side as these uprooted people, and those who make the wars, the monopolies, the imperialists, together with the governments are on the other side.


– To increase the resistance of the people, to strengthen solidarity.

– To stop the imprisonment of refugees and migrants.

– Abolish now, the miserable EU-Turkey agreement, which Turkey is using to make the impoverished people pawns on the chessboard of the competitions.

– Ensure the rights of refugees to asylum to their countries of actual destination


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