Successful Event of Greek & Migrant Workers in Manolada

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

With great participation and enthusiasm, the migrant land workers welcomed the cultural event organized at the Stadium of Nea Manolada by PAME and the class unions on Saturday, July 23.

The initiative for the event was taken by the Regional Trade Union Centers of Amaliada and Patras, the Union of Food and Beverage Workers of Achaia and the Coordinating Committee of Migrant Land Workers of Manolada, with the central slogan “Greeks and migrant workers, united in the common struggle”.

Hundreds of migrant land workers from Bangladesh and other countries, who work in the strawberry fields and other crops in the region, participated. All together expressed their recognition for the role of the class trade unions and PAME in organising their struggle and defending their rights.

For over three hours, the migrant workers celebrated and danced to a rich artistic program that included favorite songs from their homelands.

The event was at the same time a message of class solidarity and a common claim of Greek and migrant workers.

“Our brothers and sisters from Bangladesh and wherever else you have come to our homeland”, began his speech by D. Marmoutas, who addressed the migrants first in their own language “ The common struggle of Greeks and immigrants shows the power of organization and solidarity”.

The migrant workers sent a message that together with the Greek workers, they will not stop fighting for their rights

We Continue, We Strengthen the Struggle



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