PAME Message of Condolence for the Passing of Comrade Ramón Cardona Nuevo


PAME, Greece expresses its condolences for the passing of the historical cadre of CTC Cuba and WFTU, Ramón Cardona Nuevo.

Comrade Cardona, as a cadre of CTC Cuba, was a member of the Secretariat of the World Federation of Trade Unions from 2000 to 2011, while at the same time acted as Representative of the WFTU at the International Labor Office and then Head of the Regional Office of WFTU for Latin America and the Caribbean. He stood out for his comradely spirit, his sense of duty and internationalism, his faith in the ideals of the working class and the Cuban Revolution.

Comrade Cardona visited Greece many times, developing close comradely relations with the class unions of our country and PAME. He expressed in practice the solidarity of the Cuban workers with the workers of Greece visiting workplaces, and participating in events, actions and mobilizations of Greek unions and at the 16th Congress of the WFTU which was hosted in Athens.

PAME expresses its condolences to his comrades in CTC Cuba, the WFTU, his family and friends.

Photo Ramón Cardona Addressing Rally of PAME in Athens, November 12, 2005

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