PAME greeting at the NEHAWU Congress


PAME, which represents the class union movement of Greece, affiliate of WFTU, salutes the Congress of NEHAWU, who fight for the protection of the rights and health of workers in South Africa through the lines of WFTU, and we wish you all success in your works.

On behalf of the class unions of Greece, we would like to thank all the comrades, members and militants of NEHAWU, the President of NEHAWU and WFTU, comrade Michael Makwayiba, for their firm and multiform solidarity with the struggles of the workers in Greece.

The workers and the class unions of Greece, members of the large class family of WFTU, are at the forefront of countering the attack by the Greek governments and the capitalists who want the workers to be modern slaves, without collective agreements, without decent wages, without fixed working hours. That is why they are trying to ban our right to strike, to protest, to be organized in unions and to demand better working conditions.

We do not accept in the 21st century, in the era of the rapid development of science and technology, to work without fixed working hours, with exhausting shifts, seven days a week without rest, to work endless hours with teleworking.

We do not accept to count dead people from the coronavirus every day, as people remain unprotected from the pandemic, as medicines, vaccines and health become commodities for the profits of monopoly groups.

We do not accept that the peoples become victims of imperialist competitions and wars aimed at controlling and redistributing energy sources, raw materials and transportation routes.

No tolerance for racism, xenophobia, racism.

Against the misery, the modern Dark Ages conditions that the capitalists want to impose in order to secure their profits, the workers have the power with organization, solidarity and class struggle to abolish the exploitation of man by man.

In this struggle, PAME, the class unions of Greece are on your side, shoulder to shoulder!

On behalf of the class trade union movement of Greece, PAME sends militant greetings to NEHAWU and we wish you all success in your congress and in your struggles.

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