PAME Call for International Solidarity Action Against RIVULIS Multinational


We are sending you this letter to inform you about a serious situation in Greece and ask for your help for a urgent matter that has arisen.

In recent days, the Israeli multinational company “RIVULIS – EURODRIP”, which has operations and offices in Israel, Greece, India, the USA and Australia etc has pushed a series of anti-union actions to block the workers’ efforts to organize themselves in a union and demand their rights.

In particular, the company’s employers in Greece proceeded to two intimidating layoffs of class unionists (one of whom is a migrant from India) because they dared to lead the creation of a Trade Union inside the factory. The company dismissed the unionists only a few days before the first elections for the Trade Union. This attempt is part of a more generalized plan to intimidate the workers. A plan designed to prevent and frighten the workers from organizing their struggle, so as the company to be free to impose wretched work conditions, without the necessary health and safety measures in the factory, a condition that resulted in frequent work-related accidents and risks to the health and life of the workers.

At the same time, the Greek government is hand in hand with the Israeli government and invites Israeli capitalists in Greece, while the workers witness the violation of their rights violated and living as slaves.

PAME, the class unions of Greece responded to the company’s intimidating practices and expressed their solidarity with the workers. The company’s own workers are making a major struggle to cancel the layoffs and protect their rights. But the multinational continues the tactics of intimidations and the attack against the workers and their union.

That is why we ask for your help, as it is very important to step up the pressure directly to the multinational. We move on to multiform actions in Greece. It would be very helpful for us to express class solidarity directly with the trade unions of Greece by using any forms of protest, protest, mobilization, etc in the shops, offices, factories of the multinational with the direct mobilization of workers and trade unions in the other countries that this multinational has presence.

Please, if you have the opportunity to take action at the company’s offices, inform us, so as to strengthen the struggle to cancel the layoffs of class unionists.

In countries and areas without offices of the company, messages and photos of solidarity will be very much appreciated

PHOTOS of Protest at the Factory in Greece



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