On the Situation for workers because of the Coronovirus

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

Regional Unions, Federations and local unions, especially in the areas where there were incidents demand immediate measures of Health and Safety in the work places, especially in areas with massive concentration of people.

Many unions have condemned the tactics of employers who use this development with sole criterion their profits. Eg the supermarket-commerce sector, taking advantage of the climate of fear and public concern, has intensified the attack on thousands of workers in their stores and warehouses. There are numerous complaints about employers, who have canceled workers’ leaves and reps, impose a 10-hour to 14-hour work day and are pressing the workers to go to work at the warehouses even on Sunday. On the other hand they take no measures for the protection of the workers’ health.

The Unions demand

  • Support and strengthening of Healthacare infrastructure, especially as there are huge examples of undrerstaffed hospitals and services.
  • To make available to the population free of charge and under the sole responsibility of the State all appropriate protective materials (masks, soaps, alcoholic antiseptics, etc.).
  • It is the responsibility of the employer to provide the necessary precautionary materials, to obtain full pay and insurance leave, especially for those workers who are ill, in order to recover and limit the risk of spreading the disease.

At the same time, many unions and PAME central offices have received complaints from workers and employees, especially in areas where the problem of coronavirus is noted and there was closure of schools. Many employers:

  1. They refuse to give days of so workers can keep their children at home
  2. When they give leave days they refuse to pay them
  3. Or these days are cut from the worker’s annual vacation days
  4. Or some employers “offer” as alternative to work from home (eg Piraeus Bank etc)

In the face of this unacceptable situation, PAME Executive Secretariat demands that the Ministry of Labor now take action. The Ministry must announce that the employees in areas where schools are closed, they are allowed to take extra paid-leave from their work for as many days as required.



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