On the new shipwreck in the Aegean with victims little children refugees

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

The new shipwreck in the Aegean with young children refugees drowned came to remind us that the barbaric EU policy on Refugees-Immigrants has turned the Mediterranean into a sea -graveyard and Greece into a barbaric gendarme of refugee flows.

The SYRIZA-ND Governments with their agreements and policies (EU-Turkey, Dublin, EU Pact on Immigration and Asylum) have turned half of our islands into concentration camps and the other half into NATO military bases.

Imperialist competitions and interventions in the Middle East region, in which the Greek governments are constantly participating, will steadily increase the number of people trying to escape the hell created by the US, NATO, EU for the control of energy sources and transportation routes. At the same time, the thousands trapped in the Greek “Guantanamos” in the Aegean will fall victim to a series of trafficking circuits with these results.

The elimination of such tragic events and phenomena requires:

The abolition of the framework that traps refugees and immigrants in Greece and Turkey in accordance with the mandates and wishes of the EU.

Asylum Committees should now operate in Turkey, under the responsibility of the EU and the UN High Commission for Refugees, and from there travel directly to their countries of destination.

Abolish the Dublin Agreements and the Joint Declaration with Turkey that trap refugees and migrants.

Provide them with travel documents for the countries they wish to travel to under the responsibility of the state and the EU and apply for asylum there


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