On the International Day of Refugees-June 20

The signing and implementation by the Greek government(SYRIZA-ANEL) of the EU’s decisions has led to the confinement of thousands of refugees in Greece and to the double confinement in the Aegean islands.

From the very first moment, PAME has expressed its solidarity with refugees and immigrants in multiform ways. It has organized and continues to develop a rich anti-imperialist action, it has denounced the hypocrisy of the imperialist organizations of NATO, of the EU and the governments, their murderous policy, which have transformed the Aegean and the whole of the Mediterranean in a sea of ​​the dead.

The Trade Unions, Federations and Labor Centers that rally with PAME have exposed the real cause of the refugee crisis, which is the imperialist wars, the escalation of the imperialist competitions for the sharing of the markets, of oil, of natural gas and of the transport routes that cause new wars to break out in the wider region.

The SYRIZA – ANEL government, as well as the former ones, have a huge responsibility for creating and worsening the problem of refugees, as they actively participate in 13 imperialist interventions around the world, they give land and water, and 4 billion Euros per year to the murderers of the peoples.

On the pretext of the refugee flows they have brought the war machine of NATO in the Aegean Sea, the imperialists responsible for the death, hamstring and the uprooting of millions of people, of entire peoples. They are increasingly engaging our country in the bloody war projects of the US-NATO in the wider region.

PAME has taken a joint action with the trade unions and workers of the neighbouring countries against the imperialist war.

It sends a call for a massive participation in the big demonstration at the NATO Headquarters in Thessaloniki on 24th June.

It calls on immigrants and refugees to organize themselves, to join their unions, to jointly demand:

No participation in the imperialist plans and wars that provoke immigration and refugees.

No involvement in NATO and EU slaughters. Immediate disengagement of the Military of Greece of all operations outside the borders.

Close all military installations. NATO out of the Aegean and the Balkans.

Solidarity with the refugees, the immigrants, solidarity with all peoples.

Struggle against nationalism, racism, chauvinism.

Open accommodation for temporary hosting for refugees and immigrants with human conditions of housing, food, medical care.

Employ the necessary staff in the public state structures. Abolish the various NGOs that, with the state support, do business on the refugees and human pain. Close the concentration camps.

Overturn the EU and government’s decisions that keep the refugees confined in Greece.

Facilitate the safe movement of all the refugees in Greece towards the countries of their real destination.

It is the responsibility of the state to take all necessary measures to ensure that the children of the refugees feel that they are living – as much as possible – under normal conditions.

Together with the workers of all countries for a world without exploitation, wars, refugees.

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