On 22 April, USB strike on production and movement of goods, national demonstration in Rome


On 22 April, USB strike on production and movement of goods, national demonstration in Rome
Time for the workers’ variant!

USB declares a national strike on April 22 of all categories of workers involved in the collection, production, marketing, transport, distribution and logistics of goods throughout the country.

The national strike in these sectors is called on the following grounds:

For the increase of wages and pensions to protect workers and pensioners from speculation and inflation that have become even more aggressive with the start of the conflict in Ukraine.
For the introduction of a minimum wage of 10 euros, against poor work and against contracts that allow bosses to impose conditions of modern slavery.
For the return to an economic policy made up of public investment and nationalisation of strategic services to defend jobs and the industrial fabric, against “state aid” for the benefit of companies and speculators, as in the case of Acciaierie Italia, ITA and according to the PNRR.
For the introduction of the crime of homicide at work, more controls, strong penalties for the bosses who do not comply with the rules and more protection for the RSU/RLS who denounce wrongdoing and dangerous and harmful situations.
At this time we want to remember that the history of the Italian workers’ movement is a struggle for peace and coexistence, against rearmament policies, war and for the political solution of conflicts.

Italy’s participation in the conflict through sanctions, sending military personnel and war material gives a dangerous push towards the widening of the war on a larger scale.
Raise wages, lower arms: the country and the working classes are already paying a very high price for the economic crisis that the war is now exacerbating. We need a real peace process and not a war that brings destruction, death and misery.

On the same day, 22 April, USB organised a national demonstration in Rome, gathering in Piazza della Repubblica at 10 a.m.

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