November 29 International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People


Today, November 29, is the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, PAME, the Regional Trade Union Centers, the Federations, the Trade Unions, the Greek working class, we express our solidarity with the just demands of the Palestinian people and the heroic struggle for the independent Palestine.

The militant unions of Greece condemn the policy of the murderous state of Israel, and the support it receives from the US-NATO-EU alliances as well as the Greek governments. While the Palestinian people continue to experience the full extent of the expansionist, oppressive, barbaric policy of the state of Israel, which continues with unabated violence.

We are strengthening Solidarity with the heroic Palestinian struggle for a free, independent Palestine on the 1967 border with East Jerusalem as its capital.

As part of the solidarity actions today, PAME will take part in the large international trade union teleconference of the WFTU in solidarity with the people of Palestine

Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people!


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