Militant and Successful 30th Congress of the National Federation of Workers in Food Industries of Greece


With the election of a new administration concluded last Sunday the works of the 30th Congress of the National Federation of Workers in Food Industries of Greece, which took place at the Regional Trade Union Center of Evia, in the city of Chalkida.

Both the President of the Federation Manolis Karantousas and the speeches of the trade union representatives presented the rich experience of the struggles and actions of the Federation and the unions over the past three years. The fruitful reflection that has been put to the Congress and its decisions equips the Federation and the unions in their battle to defend workers’ rights, in general, for the reconstruction of the workers’ movement in the industry. In the Congress voted 142 representatives from all over Greece, out of 105 that where in the previous one.

The works of the Conference were attended by Giorgos Mavrikos, Secretary General of the WFTU, Giota Tavoulari, member of the ES of PAME, Christian Alliaumeon behalf of the TUI Agro of the WFTU, Vangelis Tolisis on behalf of the National Committee of Farmers and Dimitris Moudrixas, President of the Evia Regional Trade Union Center.

A special moment in the opening of the Congress’ works was the award given to the immigrant workers Harvind Singh, Rasad Rashid and Halid Hussein, members of the Board of Directors of the Trade Union of Workers in ZOURAS Food Industry for their significant contribution to the massification of the Federation’s lines with migrant workers, from India and Pakistan.

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