Left Bloc in the Austrian Trade Union Federation Message of Solidarity with PAME


Dear Comrades, 

the Federal Board of the Left Bloc sends our solidarity to the National Congress Meeting of PAME which will be held on 18th/19th of June. Now the international solidarity of the class oriented trade unions, who will fight for the rights of the working class – against exploitation, against the capitalist barbarity, is more important than ever. We had a capitalist crisis before the pandemic crisis – but many companies had extra profits during this crisis. At the same time the conditions of workers in the health care sector would be more bad than in the past. The workers don´t need applause – they need better working conditions, better salaries, collective agreements and more. The construction of the European Union is for the interests of European Monopolies, but not for the interests of the working class.

PAME had great success in the past years and many struggles and strikes for the rights of the Workers. We will learn from your experiences – and we will fight together with PAME, together with the World Federation of Trade Unions. 

We wish you great success for your Congress !

Long live PAME ! Long live the international solidarity !

Georg Erkinger

Chairman of the Left Bloc in the Austrian Trade Union Federation

Oliver Jonischkeit

Federal Secretary of the Left Bloc in the Austrian Trade Union Federation

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