Israel’s imperialist barbarism in a video


PAME denounces the continuing terrorism against the Palestinian people by the murderer-state of Israel.

A video released on November 17 by the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem shows the daily atrocities experienced by Palestinians, even small, baby children, when armed Israeli soldiers invade their homes and arrest the oldest children while they put the youngest children on the wall and with ironies take pictures of them to list them!

This daily barbarism is supported and legitimized by the US-EU and governments, such as that of Greece, which cooperate and support the murderous state of Israel.

This barbarity must and will stop by the struggles of the peoples against governments and organizations that continue to equate the attacker with the victim. Against those who equate the armored Israeli soldier with the five-year-old Palestinian boy who stands on the wall like a criminal!

We stand with the Palestinian people

We stand by the children

We are fighting against the barbaric imperialist monster, for the peace of the peoples

Out of the imperialist alliances

Now stop all cooperation of Greece with the murderous state of Israel

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