Intimidation tactics against Makro/Uyum and Real Market Workers can’t stop their militant struggle!


Dear comrades, As we informed you in the past, Nakliyat-İş Union has always supported the struggle of Real Market Workers since the beginning of their struggle 15 months ago although they are in a different sector. With the resistance of Makro/Uyum Market Workers, which started under the leadership of our union, the workers have been carrying out a militant struggle for more than 4 months. Under the guidance of our union, they have organized tens of protests at different locations so far against the anti-worker attitudes of Metro Group AG and Makro AŞ that was acquired by MIGROS. 

As a result of this militant struggle, MIGROS promised to pay 50 percent of the total claims of the workers on 20 September. They also stated that they would pay the rest of the claims as soon as possible. MIGROS once again showed its anti-worker face and did not pay the claims of the workers. Upon this, the workers restarted their protest actions. On 23 September, more than 70 workers get in MIGROS 5M in Beylikdüzü Istanbul to shout their demands one more time. As soon as the protest action started, the riot police surrounded the market and interviewed with Ali Rıza Küçükosmanoğlu, President of Nakliyat-İş Union demanding to put an end to protest. Küçükosmanoğlu refused their demand by stating that the protest action would continue until MIGROS paid the claims of the workers as they promised. 

After the discussion, riot police forces and undercover police officers attacked the workers and detained 15 of them. They kept the workers detained for a long time until the midnight. The leaders of Nakliyat-İş Union didn’t leave the workers alone until they were released. After the release, they organized a meeting and stated their determination in the struggle against all kinds of intimidation tactics.

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