Hands off from Cuba!


PAME condemns the efforts of the imperialists and their mercenaries in Cuba who use the pandemic to overthrow the conquests of the Cuban Revolution.

Cuba is battling for life and for the future against the consequences of a murderous 6-decade embargo that, even during pandemic, prevents the import of a range of medical supplies and essential goods. The escalation of the difficulties faced by the Cuban people is a consequence of the escalation of the embargo measures by President Trump, which is maintained and continues by Biden.

And today come those who imposed and continue the murderous embargo and talk about a “humanitarian crisis” in Cuba and are supposedly anxious about the “Democracy and human rights” of Cubans. The same forces that kill people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, where the racist killing of blacks by police is a daily phenomenon. Where in the pandemic they passed laws to criminalize workers’ Strikes and trade union action and close hospitals as “unnecessary”, the same forces pretend to care about the rights of the Cuban people. The hypocrisy and lies of the imperialists are covered in the blood of their previous interventions for “Democracy and Human Rights”.

At a time when mass graves were being dug in the USA for the victims of the pandemic and privatized health, and in the EU governments were using the pandemic to cut wages, pensions and labor rights, the island of Fidel and Che took health protection measures for its people. They developed 5 coronavirus vaccines and sent medical aid to a number of countries around the world.

Millions of workers around the world greet and express their gratitude to the Cuban people for their steadfast international and humanitarian contribution in the fields of healthcare, education and culture. In defense of the workers’ and people’s conquests that even today are a symbol of the workers’ struggle internationally.

PAME expresses its solidarity with the workers and the people of Cuba against the new imperialist attempts to strike and undermine the Cuban revolution.

Cuba is not alone!

¡Hasta La Vistoria, Siempre!

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