Government attack against teachers’ Demonstration


PAME denounces the violent repression by the Government against the protest of teachers on Friday afternoon, October 1st, in Athens.

At a time when schools, hospitals and services for the lives of the people are suffering from shortages, deficiencies and underfunding, the Government showed the entire arsenal of for the Police with water-cannons trucks (bought by SYRIZA), Riot police, tear gas and chemicals against the teachers’ rally.

It is proved once again that the doctrine of the Government is the imposition by any means of the measures and policies that have been rejected by all the bodies of Public Education. After the lawsuit of The Minister of Education against the collective decision of the teachers’ unions for mobilizations, today the Government is trying to teach another lesson using violence, chemicals and water cannons. The same government that in the summer sent 40,000 children to become clients of private colleges and does not hire teachers to fill the thousands of vacancies in schools.

Violence, authoritarianism and repression of the Government are proof of the bankruptcy of their arguments and their policies that have been rejected by the people also in education.

Intimidation and criminalization of the struggle will not pass!




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