From OSCMS Czech Rep. : Letter to the Greek militant trade union PAME

Dear Comrades,
we received a report on the 37th Congress of the General Confederation of Greek Workers on March 18th. 
We also read the speech of the chairman of our fraternal Greek militant trade union, PAME, to Georg Perros, who
 condemned the activities of the mafia of GSEE (General Confederation of Greek Workers). 
We want to express our support to your struggle against the traitors of the workers' movement , against reformism and
 against corrupt trade union bosses who are afraid of a true working class activity and unity.
We also express our respect for the work of your trade union under these difficult conditions. 
The trade union PAME has become one of the examples of class trade union activity. 
We are proud to have fraternal relations with your orgnization, thank you for your previous messages of solidarity 
with the struggle and the problems of Czech workers.

No social dialogue, no social compromise!
All for the benefit of the workers!

OS ČMS Secretariat

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