For the new employers’ crime in Bangladesh


PAME denounces the new mass murder of workers in Bangladesh, where dozens of workers were tragically killed in a fire that broke out on Thursday, July 8, at the Hashem Food and Beverage food factory in the city of Rupgani, near the capital Dhaka.

In another sweatshop, one of the countless ones maintained by the multinationals in the specific country, which every year count dead workers in similar employers’ crimes.

This situation also bears the signature of the EU and the penetration of European business groups with preference agreements they have signed over the years. The local government has recently received praise from the EU as a successful example of development. In the so-called free industrial export zones, where the “growth miracle” is built and praised by European Union clothing chains and business groups reigns the inhuman hard work for crumbs, dismissals, child labor, persecution of trade unionists and miserable working conditions without health and safety measures that result in hundreds of dead.

PAME expresses its condolences to the families of the victims, to the workers and to the trade unions of Bangladesh.

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