Following The Applause, The Government Calls On The “Health Heroes” In The Security

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

  A year after the hypocritical calls for applause, the government is now calling on the “health heroes” for questioning by the Police and proves that its response to the tragic shortages of hospitals in the midst of a pandemic is the persecution of healthcare unionists.

In another provocative move, amid the pandemic, the government is seeking to silence any voice that reveals its dangerous policy of managing the situation.

In recent days, the presidents of doctors’ and hospitals’ unions (OENGE-National Federation of Doctors of Public Hospitals of Greece) have been receiving calls for questioning by the Police because they mobilized and demanded the recruitment of doctors, and protection material for healthcare workers and doctors.

The government, in the face of the third wave of the pandemic, a year after its outbreak, has funded billions to big business, tourism groups, and aviation companies. They ran to buy police and repression equipment and want to bring thousands of special guards, cameras and police to Universities, Metro, and wherever else they can imagine. But they insist on not hiring drivers for public transport, teachers for schools, and medical staff for hospitals!

In order to defend its barbaric policy that sacrifices the life and health of the people for the profits of the few, it launches a mechanism of intimidation and repression against those who oppose it. As the Iron Heel, it legislates night and day measures against anyone who fights and claims, prohibits demonstrations, seeks to silence and intimidate any demanding voice.

In the face of bans, violence and intimidation, the workers-popular movement has already given a thunderous response on May 1, November 17, to the recent mass mobilizations of youth and teachers.

The responsibility of healthcare workers is on the person who suffers.

The duty of the workers movement is Indiscipline and Struggle against anti-workers’ policies and prohibitions.

Persecutions and intimidations will follow the path of the previous prohibitions and bans… in the wastebasket of history

We call on all trade unions to express their solidarity with the Presidents of the health trade unions.

Strengthen our fight to protect our health and our rights


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