Central Unitaria de Trabajadores de Venezuela (CUTV) : Solidarity with the general strike in Greece

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

Venezuelan class-conscious trade unionism, expressed in the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores de Venezuela (CUTV) and the Frente Nacional de Lucha de la Clase trabajadora (FNLCT), we send to the Greek working class and its class-conscious trade union vanguard, the PAME, our solidarity before the General Strike to be held throughout Greece on September 21, in rejection of the cruel anti-worker and anti- popular policies of the government of that country.

We predict total success for the combative day that the class-struggle workers and trade union movement of Greece will deploy, demanding a halt to the criminal austerity with which they intend to freeze wages and pensions to safeguard the interests of the capitalists and the implementation of immediate effective measures to protect the population of Thessaly, victims of floods and forest fires.

To prevent the global capitalist crisis from being unloaded with all its weight on the shoulders of the working people, it is necessary to respond as the working class of Greece and PAME are doing. Forward comrades!

Consistent with the principles of proletarian internationalism and following the guidelines of the WFTU, we declare ourselves in support of the general strike in Greece and in support of all the struggles of the workers of the world, just as in Venezuela we also fight against imperialist interference and against the anti-worker, anti-union and anti-popular policies of the current government.

Executive Committee of the CUTV
General Coordination of the FNLCT


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