Big Trade Union Conference in Athens for the Escalation of the Struggle


The message of the escalation of the struggle, of the coordinated action, which has to reach the working class of Athens, was sent yesterday, October 5, by hundreds of trade unionists from more than 200 trade unions, in the very massive Union Conference that took place after the call of the class unions. The action plan calls for the preparation of a big rally on November 4 in Athens which will be the step for the preparation of a general strike.

The Unions will proceed with immediate workers´ General Assemblies, Union meetings, discussions in each workplace and sector, in order to organize the confrontation with the state and employers for demandingworkers´ contemporary rights, in order to repel the anti-workers´ policy, to block the anti-labor laws, to block the antiworkers labor law of Minister Hatzidakisand leave it only on paper.

In a militant atmosphere, so that “no worker is left alone”, in order to further strengthen the lines of the unions, in order to develop the struggle “from below”, against the strategy of capital, the action plan is increasingly enriched and includes a series of sectoral mobilizations that will be escalated.

A struggle that includes the claim of Collective Contracts, salary increases, 7 hours – 5 days – 35 hours work week, securing the Sunday holiday, paid overtime, protection of trade union action, etc., all those that bring the labor movement in direct conflict with the Hatzidakis law and with the whole anti-workers´ framework of recent years, built by all Greek governments. All these set “new duties” to the Unions to crush the barbaric measures in real life, with disobedience and force drawn from organized collective action.

The militantmessage was given by the opening of the discussion, when the unionists responded with their warm applause to the announcement that among them were workers of “e-food”, workers by “General Post Office”, employees of LARCO, from branches and areas that have been fighting big battles lately.

The power that workers have in their hands when they fight in an organized and collective way through their unions, delaying anti-workers’ measures, winning relief measures but also conquests, such as Collective Contracts with increases and expansion of rights, were transferred by trade unionists from a number of sectors. The Metalworkers Union, which managed to sign a Collective Contractin the Shipbuilding Zone, the Union of Construction workers who with the Federation are preparing sectoral strike on November 4. Trade unions from Finance, Telecommunications, Accountants who fight against the permanence of telework and organize mobilization on October 11.Also from unions from the Pharmaceutical sector, Food, public transport etc.

The “present” was given en masse by representatives of healthcare unions from public hospitals, representing the thousands of employees who for almost two years have been fighting for the protection of public health and for the shielding of health units, against the policy of commercialization of hospitals. They now have to fight together with all the people against the “new National Health System” of generalized private business operation with the preparation for healthcare workers and doctors strike in Public Hospitals on October 21.

The teachers from a number of Unions gave a special tone with their presence, conveying the atmosphere of battle that prevails in the schools with the mobilizations against the application of the measures of categorization that intensity the class barriers for students. Mobilizations of teachers which were treated with brutal repression and authoritarianism by the government. Now they are doing their best for the success of the Strike, along with students and student associations on October 11.

The action plan discussed also highlights the initiatives of unions and youth on the occasion of the one year anniversary of the convictionof Golden Dawn, but also the recent efforts of the fascists targetingmilitants, youth, unionists and communists.

Such Conferences are scheduled in all major cities for the organization of the Unions’ response to the Government and the employers.



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