Big anti-NATO demonstration in Athens


With a militant mobilization in the center of Athens, thousands demonstrated against NATO on Friday, September 17, shouting “Neither land nor water to the murderers of the people.” Workers’ Unions, EEDYE-Greek Peace Committee, Student Associations, and members of the popular movement protested against the NATO Military Committee meeting in Athens.

With a rally and march in the American embassy, they called for decisive strengthening of the popular struggle against the dangerous policy of involvement in the US-NATO plans, which throws our people and other peoples in the imperialist wars, in great danger.

The meeting of the Military Committee aims to strengthen the NATO presence and operational capacity in the Aegean, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Balkans, the Black Sea, the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, to expand worldwide, to create new infrastructure to prepare for the “first nuclear strike” in the context of the fiercest imperialist rivalry with Russia and China.

“The workers, the youth, our people, here, today, outside the US Embassy in Athens, we declare our opposition to the US-NATO-EU plans and to our country’s involvement in them,” stressed from the podium of the mobilization Giannis Anagnostou, president of the Construction Workers’ Union of Athens.



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